Blended Top Soil

Take a look at Soil Seed and Water blend premium soils and concentrated amendments.

Our Premium Soils and Concentrated Amendments

Soil Seed and Water Premium Soils and Concentrated Amendments are created with all the fundamental chemistry, biology, and physical knowledge for organic fertilizers. In the compost and vermicompost business, Soil Seed and Water deal with all aspects that constitute a good fertilizer. For this reason, Soil Seed and Water developed the highest quality of organic fertilizers. With more than ten years of research and development, and more than ten agronomists, biologists, chemists, and farmers, Soil Seed and Water team were able to develop the perfect organic fertilizer. Using the first mixture of the perfect fertilizer, Soil Seed and Water created an entire spectrum of organic fertilizers and grow bags.


What is a Cannabag?

The Cannabag is designed to be able to grow all the branches of the cannabis plant. It contains the soil with the optimal ingredients at just the proper concentrations to make the best growing bag for the cannabis plant. Either that is Hemp which is an excellent source of fiber and protein, or it is marijuana for medical and recreational purposes.

Portability and Accessibility

In Soil Seed and Water, we believe that grow bags should be portable to fit any layout and give access to anybody. First, when looking at providing any specific design in your backyard, the cannabag becomes like legos that you can assemble and quickly have a garden that is easy to move even when growing your plant. Another value engrained in Soil Seed and Water is to provide everybody with the enormous privilege of ecotherapy(a therapy offered by gardening.) This therapy should be given to everybody, disregarding race, ethnicity, or disability.

Water-Retention Efficiency

Another benefit of the Cannabag is that it saves water due to its high moisture-holding capacity. Today, water in the agriculture sector is a massive problem due to the inefficiency of the agriculture fields retaining water. For this reason, the idea of a Cannabag emerged so strongly and prevailed for the average gardener that wants to save on water costs while obtaining the fantastic benefits of gardening.


Ready Go Garden Grow Bag

The Ready Go Garden Grow bag contains soil with the optimal ingredients at just the proper concentrations to make the best growing bag for any high rotation crop. Some of the plants that the Ready Go Garden Grow bag is able to grow are any leafy greens, such as arugula, kale, mustard greens, as well as any root vegetable such as potatoes, carrots, beets, onions and radishes. To further specify, the Ready Go Garden Grow Bag is able to grow and high rotation crop (less than 90 day growing period) and any flowers of small to medium roots.

Portability and Accessibility

As the Cannabag, the RGGGB (Ready Go Garden Grow Bag) is portable and can fit any layout to provide the benefits such as ecotherapy. Because the bag is portable, it can be set up to grow in an elevated surface like a table. This is important for old-aged people who struggle to bend and for wheel chair people who want to get the benefits of gardening but not able to reach a the ground.

Water-Retention Efficiency

The Ready Go Garden Grow Bag top features the capacity to retain water. The ingredients of the top soil are designed to dynamically hold and release water at the right moment for its plants. Since the top soil is contained in a bag it is able to hold water and, by easily punching holes, it is able to increase drainage.


Soil Concentrated Amendments

The Ready Go Garden SuperBooster is a soil amendment that revitalizes any soil by providing more structure, macro and micronutrients, and biology. Ready Go Garden SuperBooster provides the most important elements to give the extra push for great plant development. The ingredients of the Ready Go Garden SuperBooster are designed to provide the soil the best elements for nutrient uptake, moisture holding and moisture releasing as well as the biology to enhance the plant’s natural capacity to thrive in any condition.