Customer Story

Farmers' Experiences and Testimonials

Mark Scott Tolleson
Area of expertise: Farmer for 50 Years
Company name: North Star Ag
Size of operations: 3 farms of 1000 acres

Quote about Ready Go Garden Bag and Concentrated Soil Amendments:
I think it'll be tremendous for the kids. They learn a lot about agriculture, in their way, growing their own products. And so for the kids, I think it's a fantastic opportunity. And the thing about the bag is that they don't have to add a lot of different fertilizers and stuff because the bag has that in it. They just have to be watching the water and that makes farming easy.”

How do you think it will affect the future of these kids?
“I think it's huge for kids because they need to know where their food comes from, and that is where the Ready Go Garden bags come into place.”

Quote about Compost:
“I love compost. It's phenomenal because you get the biology in the bag and then the compost as a fertilizer. I'm a big believer in biology and feeding the biology”

Guy Quattrocchi
Area of expertise: Soil Fertility, Concentrate Blending, Formulation of Blending
Company name: GQ Solutions
Location: Vail, Arizona
Size of operations: takes care of 30 - 50 acres/yr

What do you feel about the ready-to-go garden bag as far as educating the youth on how to grow in the inner cities?? 
I think it's a great idea and I think it has a lot of merits.”

Compost thoughts:
I believe compost is one of the most important things for soil health.”

In general, what do you think about our bag system, our operation of compost and vermicompost, soil amendments, and concentrates?
I believe that soil seed and water is in the front of the line, making some of the best soil amendments for farmers to put on their fields and their bag is one of probably one of the top-of-the-line grow bags on the market

Cliff Staff
Area of expertise: Farming and salad production, Custom Composting (Make Mesa-Green Initiative), Hemp Seed Cover Crop.
Company name: Classic Salads
Location: Yuma, Arizona

What do you think about the Ready Go Garden Bag?
What I like about them is that they can be put anywhere. In our business, we are very dependent on fertile soil. The nice thing about the RGG bags is that they can be put on top of concrete, over asphalt, over sand so it can be put into any surface it simple expands the farmable area.”

Compost thoughts:
“I believe that compost has to be part of any organic program. We have used compost in a junk production for years and it is only reasonable that we are experimenting with conventional farming”

Malcolm Ricky
Area of expertise: Over 50 years of Farming Experience.
Education: Concentrate Formulation, Ready Go Garden Bag.
Company name: Bolthouse Carrot
Location: Nucliama, California
Size of operations: 10,000 sq. feet

What do you think about the Ready Go Garden Bag?
I think that the bag gives you the possibility to grow plants anywhere, as long as you provide water. Whether it is inside a classroom, inside of an apartment wherever space is limited. You are able to do this pretty much anywhere in a pretty simple way”

What do you think about us using compost vs petrochemical to create the bag?
By not using petrochemical fertilizers, the plant has a pretty good environment to be able to grow. I think the bag has the optimal minerals and materials for any plant to be able to grow.”

Compost, worm casting and, blue algae, thoughts:
The value of compost is that it helps recycle nutrients into the system, the whole system whether you are farming or not, it is good for everyone. The more organic matter, the better water capacity, and retention, this brings a lot to the nutrition to the plant as well as to use the water more efficiently. ”

Angus Mills
Area of expertise: Resource management on waste diversion, Regenerative Agriculture, Concentrate Blending Formulation, Ready Go Garden Bag, Vermicompost. 
Company name: Grow West, etc.
Location: Central Valley of California
Size of operations: Large commercial Ag Distributor

What do you think about the SSW Concentrates?
It is the building block of the microbion for any sort of ecological, or agricultural type of environment. The concentrate itself will be best described as a microbially charged compost and it is the cornerstone of all things in agriculture.”

What do you think about the compost being one of the main ingredients in the bag system?
“I think that by utilizing compost or fully broken organic matter, in the bag you are able to achieve a unique nutrient cycle microbion the optimizes plant growth and health in the system. ”

Compost thoughts:
First of all, compost is the most critical and most important in both, conventional and organic systems to build our soils and maintain crop production in those soils. Compost also from a commercial Ag perspective, when done correctly composted material can greatly reduce cost for farmers and increase production so it is kind of an auxiliary input that is critical for maintaining fertility and crop production.”

Compost water holding capacity thoughts:
The for most action of compost it’s water and nutrient holding. It mobilizes water and nutrients in our soil and delivers that water nutrient to our crops so it is the best way for us to manage climate changes and environmental stress. Building out soil system with fully broken down organic matter is extremely important.”

Area of expertise: Organic Farming Seed, Hemp Seed Production, Dan’s Gold Dairy Compost. 
Company name: Skeet LLC
Location: Tacna, Arizona
Size of operations: 1000 acres

What do you think about compost?
It is needed. This puts stuff back that we are taking back as we are farming. It helps build up the soil”

What do you think about the compost being one of the main ingredients in the bag system?
“I think it is a neat idea, it can also help people grow in the inner cities in places where space is limited.”

What do you think about the industrial hemp seed?
For Ag sort of speak, it is the future.”