Ready Go Garden Growing System

Written by Michael McMahon and Daniel Nowell


About Ready Go Garden

Anyone can grow in the smallest spaces such as a balcony, patio, rooftops and even on hard surfaces like concrete driveways. Our system has very low water usage. The irrigation system that comes with our bag system is a low pressure, highly efficient drip system and waters where the plants are. There is no hand watering involved and can be set to adjust to the needs of what is planted. There is little need to know how to manage soil conditions; just set the timer to keep appropriate moisture. Very little weeding is necessary, saving many back-breaking hours. It was specifically developed to be an easy way to grow for those that would like to receive healthy, fresh and nutritious food. The bag system soil is organic and composted to remove pathogens. We use a 6-month minimum composting and mixing process which we consistently test. We feel we have created the best substrate on the planet. We have designed and developed a table (optional) to place the bags on, for ease of gardening and to eliminate the need for bending and kneeling and working in the dirt. This is especially important for those that are physically challenged, giving them the opportunity to garden for themselves. This table also reduces weeding and the risk of small animals from introducing pathogens.

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  • Anyone can grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants. You can also let 25% of the plants go to seed and harvest the seed for next year’s crop.
  • Easy to install and control irrigation system with low pressure and minimal water. The system comes with a timer and can have water supplied with a hose bib or tied into an irrigation system.
  • Ready grow has an amazing proprietary soil mix with 26 different all natural and composted amendments. The soil is approximately 80% organic composted material, 5% porous materials for drainage and spacing and 15% living biologic material.
  • System can be placed on a non-dirt surface or tables so weeds can be avoided. Elevating bags reduces bending over, back stress and improves accessibility and visibility. This makes farming easier for the disabled and  helps keep the animals out. Our custom tables can be purchased separately.

Each Kit Includes

  • Core Kit Includes bags and table system (4 bags, 8 bags without tables, and 16 bags systems also available), proprietary soil, and full irrigation kit so you’re ready to start gardening
  • Full Irrigation System Kit – includes all necessary connectors, sprayers, valves and timer
  • Heirloom Seeds or Vegetable Starts
  • Layout Patterns to Fit Your Space
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Online Instructional Video
  • Seasonal Planting Guide

Additional Accessories

  • Covering Kit - Includes frost cloth, shade cloth, netting and ground cloth
  • Tool Kit – Garden tools, irrigation tools, moisture meter, and knee pads
  • Garden Tool Kit - Includes Garden Tools, Moisture Meter, and Knee Pads
  • Supplement Kit I - Soil and plant growth additives
  • Supplement Kit II - Veg/Crecer, Bloom/Florcere, Kelp Help, Soil Inoculant and Humic Acid, Plant Therapy Foliar Bug Spray
  • Ready Go Garden Book
  • Fencing Kit – priced per linear foot (For information, contact us at

Kits are available in:

4 bag system (no table), 8 bag system (2 tables), 16 bag system, and 48 bag system