Innovation is a focal point at Soil Seed and Water (SSW). We understand that the only way to produce organic and sustainable compost is to use the tools and technology available in modern-day.

The workforce at SSW is composed of a well-Integrated team. At the front end is Juan, who is in charge of the entire operation with over 30 years of experience working in the composting business. However, In the back end of the operation, there is a specialized team composed of engineers from AVZ Advanced Tech, a consultant company for SSW. Additionally, SSW comprises agricultural consultants, architects, writers, and web designers working vigorously to provide solutions and better ways to facilitate the operation.

Innovation Team

Rodolfo D. Alvarez
AVZ Advanced Tech Founder
Vivek Soundararajan
Electrical Engineering, M.E.E.
Jesus Landin
Mechanical Engineering, B.S.M.E.
Jaziel Baez
Aerospace Engineering, B.A.E
Alejandra Alvarez, B.A.
Head of Logistics
Kenan Jukopovic, B.S.B
Marketing and Sales Director
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Temperature Logging System

An example of this is the use of the Thermologger. A device designed to eliminate labor and improve temperature taking during the main phases of the composting process. The Thermologger automates temperature logging into the Soil Seed and Water Central Database. SSW central database is designed to be accessible from anywhere to ensure various layers of data monitoring. This improves data accuracy and management.


Compost Irrigation System

In addition to innovation, the SSW irrigation system delivers an astonishing 10,000 GPH per row directly without needing water truck refills. This saves labor and improves water delivery to the compost. The water used in the composting process contains blue algae called cyanobacteria, which acts as a probiotic that promotes microbial activity and ultimately improves the compost quality. The result of this innovation is that we have a far better and more consistent product, which is cost-effective and then passed on to our clients.